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We are developing IOT electronic nose more sensitive than dogs sniff, which can reliably recognize various specific odors of viruses and bacteria using their unique chemical footprints stored in the cloud and analyzed with AI.

The electronic nose is a technology which has industrial applications, like mining and food production, later extended to health care, security, and military applications etc…



Data Visualization Process

Cloud Data

We store the data on olfactory characteristics in the cloud. This means we can easily update our databases with new smell data at any time.

Electronic Sensors

We are developing our own olfactory electronic sensors (e-noses). These sensors are able to detect certain characteristics in a smell sample and turn them into digital data.

AI Analysis

We use artificial intelligence to train our systems to be able to recognize various types of smells. Each smell has its own unique characteristics which can be used for identification.


We currently have agreed collaborations with the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka that deal with all forms of disease and which will collect data for us and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb.

In addition to the agreed cooperation, we are in negotiations with the Nikola Tesla Innovation Center and the Ruđer Bošković Institute.


During the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemia in 2020, several countries researched official dogs; usage to detect humans infection, including its rapid mutations.

German, French, Lebanese, Finlands, UAE, and USA scientists found in their clinical studies the accuracy of detecting COVID-19 in its various mutations, of over 92%, and some specially trained dogs achieved an accuracy of even 100%. Fourteen countries in November 2020 established the International K9 Working Group Against Covid-19 for a coordinated approach.

The limitation of this dog sniff method is in the No of specially trained official dogs. The time needed for their training and the fact that dogs can get tired is also the rationale for developing the mass IoT device used for the same purpose.

However, this electronic nose initially focused on the burning pandemic will be much more versatile and have more simultaneous applications than just detecting COVID- 19.

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